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The Ellie McDoodle Diaries: Book 3
Best Friends Fur-Ever

3rd book 
Review From School Library Journal:
grades 2-4–
Ellie's family is obsessed with pets; her siblings can't agree on what
 they want, and their parents aren't sure they support any of their choices.
At school, Ellie is assigned a multimedia class presentation
on an animal. Using a journal format with her doodles on
every page, she writes about bird-sitting her neighbor's African
grey parrot and does research on the bird for her report.
Ellie at first dislikes but then befriends the son of the
pet-store owners, loses the parrot, and keeps up with
the menagerie her siblings bring home.
Interspersed in this story are instructions for games,
yoga breathing, and crafts that add to the fun.
The book can be read alone, but readers of the
first two books will get some of the jokes that
are repeated throughout the series.
Exuberant black-and-white sketches and
dialogue balloons enliven the pages.
Recommend this one to fans of Sara Pennypacker's
Clementine, Marissa Moss's “Amelia's Notebooks”
series (S & S), and Charise Mericle Harper's
“Just Grace” series (Houghton).
–Debbie Hoskins, Grand Rapids Public Library, MI

From Teens Read Too:
When Ellie has to give a report on an exotic pet, she has a hard time picking a topic.
When the neighbor asks her to watch her parrot, Ellie decides this would make a perfect
animal for her project. The bird, however, doesn't want to learn the lines Ellie is trying
to make it speak for her report. Instead, it would rather fly around playing with Ellie's
little brother and insulting Ellie. To make matters worse, the parrot flies out
the window one afternoon. With the help of some unusual people - a zookeeper,
a librarian, some good friends, and her pet-obsessed family - Ellie will try
everything she can to get the parrot back.
Will Ellie succeed before her neighbor comes home? Will she do well on her report?
A fun, realistic fiction book for girls who like such books as the DIARY OF A WIMPY KID series.
The characters are entertaining, the plot is interesting, and the illustrations complement the text well.
Readers who like realistic fiction and animal stories will enjoy reading
Reviewed by: Kira M

What's so special about the Ellie McDoodle Diaries?
Take a look inside!
This book is half art and half writing on each page.
Great for reluctant readers, visual kids,
future artists and writers,
and it's terrific for teaching journaling.
And you'll find lots of crafts and origami and games --
complete with instructions, woven into the story.

Quick facts:
Number of pages: 192
Reading level: Ages 7-12
Size: 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 "
Publisher: Bloomsbury Books for Young Readers
Hardcover version:
192 pages, $12.99

BUY the Ellie McDoodle books at your favorite local independent bookstore. 
Or buy it from my local indie store here:  http://tinyurl.com/schulerbooks 
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Ellie is also available at:: http://www.powells.com , http://www.barnesandnoble.com , 
http://www.walmart.com/ ,http://amazon.com ,
and many fine bookstores across the country and online.. 
And it’s at several airport bookstores, too -- ask for it!

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