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To hold a book sale:

Note: it looks like a lot of information. It's easy. 
Email Charlie and he'll walk you through the whole process.

Send out a book order form with your students before my visit.
Just download the form on my site, make changes (it's in editable MS Word 2003 format), and send it home to the families. They fill it out and return it to you. Then you use it to decide how many books to order from a distributor or bookseller.
I am happy to sign and personalize books at your school.

Or do what one school did: Order the books from Partners, below, letting them know I will be picking up the books. (Bonus, save on shipping.) Email Charlie the names to personalize the books with (consider separating the names by classroom for easy distribution). He will pick up the books, I'll personalize them, and we'll bring them to your school so they're ready for distribution on the day of our presentations.

Downloadable form: 
1. Decide on the prices. Will your school keep any profit as a fundraiser for the school? Or will you pass on any discount to students who order? (Note: Bulk orders of books from a distributor generally get a discount, orders from a bookstore may or may not get a discount; depends on the store)
2. Ask Charlie for the order form. He'll send it to you in editable Word format. 
3. Save it to your computer so you can edit the form. Add information: Prices, presentation date, date for forms to be returned from parents, and who you want parents to write checks to. 
4. Print copies. Send home form with students in plenty of time to be returned to you by your specified date.

Note: Leopold the Lion comes out in hard cover Sept. 1, 2015. It's a picture book for ages 6-8
Six Ellie McDoodle Diaries are available. They are highly illustrated middle grade novels, aimed at ages 7-12.
Ellie McDoodle Diaries 1 - 6 are available in hard cover.
Ellie McDoodle Diaries 1 - 3 are available in paperback; I'm not sure when Diaries 4 - 6 will be.

Publicizing the sale: One school sold a whopping 154 copies of my first book, the first year I did school visits. 
I'm not sure how they did it, but consider these points to convey to parents:
- Books make great gifts for any occasion.
- Hardcovers last a long time. Paperbacks are less expensive.
- The Ellie McDoodle books encourage reading, writing, sketching, journaling, creativity, wordplay and curiosity. 
- All of the Ellie McDoodle books feature hands-on crafts and games with instructions. 
Ellie's family has a lot of heart.
- Boys and girls who like Diary of a Wimpy Kid usually love the Ellie books as well. 
- Reluctant readers can be coaxed to read more, with Ellie McDoodle. (My favorite reader success story is about a 14-year-old boy who became a die-hard Ellie McDoodle fan. And second favorite is a neighbor boy who not only became an avid reader of the Ellie McDoodle books, but also decided he wants to be an author when he grows up.)
- I think each Ellie book improves on the previous.
- The picturebook I illustrated, Leopold the Lion, is written by another author, Denise Brennan-Nelson. It has a subtle message about making healthy choices.

To order books to sell, 
- please contact your favorite local bookstore -- or my local store: http://schulerbooks.com
- or call Partners Book Distributing, Inc., 2325 Jarco Dr., Holt, Michigan 48842. Phone: 1-800-336-3137 or 517-694-3205
- or contact my publisher, Bloomsbury Books for Young Readers, special sales department
1-800-221-7945 ext. 5438 for information on ordering books directly.
(Best to go through a bookstore or Partners or a similar distributor rather than my publisher unless it’s a 400+ order)
** Consider how to accommodate last minute orders. 
Sometimes students or parents especially want to order a book after seeing the presentation.


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