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Bring us to your library!

My library visits are different from my school visits.
- I change the program to appeal to the mixed ages of the audience. Please don't worry if the mix seems young; I've presented to a room of mostly moms and toddlers with great results: The rest of us drew the babies -- it was fun!
- I try to avoid repeating information from my daytime school program in case any students are attending both.

What I often cover:
- Ellie McDoodle word doodles

- a glimpse inside my teen journals
- the "glamorous" author life (rejection, revisions, hard work)
- question and answer time
- what makes a good character
- what makes a good story
Sometimes we build a story together; sometimes we create  characters from one generic cartoony mouse, and then put them
in an illustrated story. 
The audience sketches with me, learning basic concepts in illustrating animals and people.

I bring:
- my document camera and projector
- a few handouts (bookmarks, etc)

You supply:
- microphone
- screen to project on to (or a large white wall also works)
- table for props
- chair for me
- paper and pencils for your audience
- promotions so your community knows I'm coming

New: a hands-on, 2-hour workshop on how to make a 12-page
Ellie McDoodle or Wimpy Kid-type illustrated book. Best for kids
ages 9 and up. It requires special supplies (glue sticks, lots of cut
paper, pencils with erasers, a stapler, more). Email us for more information -- we’ve had great success with it. 

Some frequently asked questions:

Should kids sit on the floor or at tables with chairs?
We’ve done both. I don't think kids care much. 
We can fold the paper enough that it's a fairly solid and small
surface to draw on even if they're sitting on carpet.

May we record the event? 
Yes, and please send me a copy. Thank you!

What ages/numbers should we limit this to?
I prefer no limits. I'm willing to work with whatever audience
shows up, whether it's huge or tiny, old or young.
I alternate basic and more complex art to keep all ages happy. 
My goal is to reach as many people as I can, to help them
embrace their inner cartoonist and writer.

What are your rates? 
Negotiable. Generally $150 plus travel expenses.
I live in south Lansing, Michigan, and am willing to travel far;
consider booking me for a nighttime event after I've visited a
school in the area. To help pay my fee you can run a book sale. 
Just check out this page.

Thank you for considering bringing us to your library. 
Contact Charlie for scheduling or if you have questions: cjbarshaw523@aol.com


Kalamazoo Public Library audience draws with me

Some of the libraries I’ve presented at:

Grand Rapids
Allegan District Library
Harper Woods
Willard Library in Battle Creek
Delta Township
Ann Arbor
New York Public Library
Paw Paw

My favorite librarian:
When I was 12 I adored Miss Elizabeth Barneswell*, the youth librarian in my city.
She inspired me to read 53 books in just 2 weeks. She also inspired the sweet youth librarian, Miss Claire, in the Ellie McDoodle books. Miss Claire is the first friend Ellie makes in her new city in book 2.
* at least, I think that was her name.


photo by Heather Powers, 
booksigning at Texas Library Association conference

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